Unrestored Egyptian Sarcophagus Lid


Mask; Sarcophagus Lid, Wood, Linen. 

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Unrestored Mask From a Sarcophagus Lid.

When Alexander the Great conquers Egypt in 332 AD, he creates a new Dynasty in Egypt that is of Macedonian origin. When Alexander dies, he leaves one of his four generals Ptolemy the rule of Egypt, making Ptolemy I the new Pharaoh.  The Ptolemaic Dynasty lasts from 332 BC to 30 AD when Mark Anthony arrives with the Roman Army and conquers Egypt. Then Egypt incorporates to the Roman Empire as another one of its provinces.  This is a late piece from the Ptolemaic Dynasty yet it shows all of the traits from the Egyptian culture. The piece has not been restored. It remains just as it was found. This piece is the top part of the sarcophagus that once covered a mummy from the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

The piece has a wig and a necklace. Smiling face.

On the top part of the head it has remains of a scarab.  Scarabs were popular amulets in ancient Egypt. According to ancient Egyptian myths, the sun (Ra) rolls across the sky each day and transforms bodies and souls.The scarab was seen as an earthly symbol of this heavenly cycle.

Crown chakra, where the lotus flower, 100 petals, scarab was a symbol of Ra

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