Tibetan Prayer Wooden Block


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One of Tibet’s ancient traditions: the hand printing of sutras and scriptures using traditional wooden blocks made from locally sourced materials. The wooden blocks start their life as pieces of locally sourced red birchwood, which are soaked for six months, before undergoing a process of drying, fire-curing, boiling, baking, and finally, planning, and cutting.  The entire process of cutting blocks is divided into 13 steps, and each block is proofread 12 times before being used. When it comes time to print, the workers are divided into pairs and seated facing each other, bending over the thin wooden print blocks. One man covers the block in red or black ink, then the other places a thin piece of paper atop the block, bending further to firmly press the paper onto the wooden block with a roller. The completed print is then removed and taken away to dry.

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1.75 x 8 x 31 cm