Chancay Pre-Columbian Textile – Peru Ca. 1100 – 1400 AD


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Extremely detailed yellow embroidered pre-columbian textile fragment with hints of red.
This piece comes framed in a black shadow box with a black backing.

D: 7 x 5.25 in / with frame: 14 x 11 in

Provenance: This textile comes from the collection Ulrich Hoffmann, Stuttgart and former collection of the archaeologist Ferdinand Anton, Germany, incorporated between 1950 and 1965.

Ferdinand Anton was born in 1929 in Munich, Germany. He made a living by writing richly illustrated books about the art objects and religious rituals of Pre- Columbian cultures: the Aztecs, the Maya, and Andean peoples of South America.

He was an explorer who flew to South America and Mexico, and hiked to remote shrines where few Westerners had set foot. He wrote more than forty books.

Anton had a fascinating way of seeing the world and was able to bring these ancient marvels back to life through his writings:

“The ancient Maya ceremonial centre of Palenque lies beneath us,” Anton wrote in his 1970 opus Art of the Maya. “ To the pilot, ruins are ruins, but I, who have come here from the Old World, experience the same thrill as others who have thus unexpectedly come face to face with monuments of a civilization that has long since come to an end. Palenque was built for gods who are long dead, but it is immortal: its heart still beats, ruined and yet perfect, uninhabited but full of life.”

After each trip, Anton returned to Munich with bags full of ancient artifacts — such as textiles, masks, & statues — which he displayed next to original paintings of his wife at the time, the famous artist Beatrix Ost.


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