Sawos Dance Costume


Costume; Oval Wooden Masks, Encrusted Pigment, Human Hair, Fiber, Cassowary Feathers. 


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Of striking size, the large and complex basketry costume displays two oval wooden masks with open eyeholes and mouth, covered with layers of encrusted pigment, and encircled with human hair border. Separately woven domed section on the sides cover the armhole areas, a fiber fringe skirt encircles the base, applied zigzag basketry column adorns back , and lofty cassowary feathers surmount the top. Some minor losses. Custom base. Only indicates we are privileged to set eyes on such masks which represent the spirit of founder of a clan, and were brought out at initiation ceremonies. Estate of Dr. Ruth Lax, NYC., acquired from Brook Street Gallery, Ltd., 1973. Invoice from sale is included. Museum quality piece in mint condition.

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Dimensions 24 x 24 x 84 in