Published Papagayo Polychromed Rattling Tripod Bowl – Guanacaste, Costa Rica 500-1200 AD


Papagayo polychrome pottery bowl

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Papagayo polychrome pottery bowl, Mandador variety. Round bottomed bowl rests on three animal headed rattle legs. Exterior painted wide band with two stylized plumed serpents of jaguars with short snouts. Each panel is framed in black, separated by a painted square in square decorative element. Areas of strong root marks on the surface. Three large original pieces reattached in the side with restoration over the breaklines and a few restored surface and rim chips.

Guanacaste-Nicoya Zone, Costa Rica
Period V-VI, ca. 500-1200 A.D.
Size: 3-3/4”H., 6-1/4”D

Provenance: Ex. Arthur M. Sackler collection, acquired about 1970, accession #N-1040. Published: Art of Costa Rica, Pre-Columbian Painted and Sculpted Ceramics from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections, page 149, item 72, full page illustration.

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Dimensions 6.25 x 3.75 in