Pink Tourmaline Necklace with Rare Gold Veraguas/Diquis Supernatural Drummer (Price On Request)

Necklace; Pink Tourmaline, Gold Pendant. 

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Natural pink tourmaline necklace (167 gms) with rare gold Veraguas/Diquis supernatural drummer. Very fine example of ancient, Precolumbian goldwork form Central America, either Costa Rica or Panama. 111 grams of blush pink gold made with “lost wax” technique. The music he plays is not for entertainment, but rather to create magic, casting a spell or summoning other supernatural beings. Healing was the most important function of shamans, both the mortal and the immortal kind. Such a magical pendant may have provided protection for the wearer. The subject is not seen very often in Central American goldwork. There is a similar piece in the collection of the Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR 963, No 7 in a catalog of an exhibition in Barcelona, 1992, “Oro, Jade, Bosques: Costa Rica” (In Spanish and English). In this pendant, and in the Banco Central pendant, serpents sprout from the heads and legs of the deities, and in all examples the penis is replaced by a serpent head. The flutes in the other example are also serpents. This pendant is accompanied with an authentication report from Robert Sonin. 10 July 2005. ref. Photo rolls 3274 and 3275. Measures 3 3/4″ tall and is in excellent condition.

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