Aztec Tlaloc Deity Incensario


Tlaloc Effigy Incensario; Stucco. 


An effigy figure of the god Tlaloc, bringer of rain. The piece retains a large amount of the original stucco. The figure is modeled in thick pottery with a narrow cylindrical shape that supports the head with ornate panels and flaps. It features prominent ringed eyes, a curling snout, split tongue, and wears a long nose ornament. On the chest it wears a large bow panel with a yellow and black jaguars pelt. A large cone erupts from the chest, bordered with a rope design. The effigy would have served as an incense burner with the copal directly placed on the ground, the deity set on top. This example has the head and body reconstructed, missing parts of the chest panel, lappets on either side of head, some original pieces embedded. Overall, painted in white, green, yellow, and brown original stucco. Mexico.

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 1012002 × 20-12 in