Ming Dynasty Celestial Deity Head Carved in Stone – China ‘1368-1644 AD’

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Celestial Deity Head with a Jovial Expression in Stone. Finely Engraved Cap

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Wonderful celestial deity head with a jovial expression in stone with a finely engraved cap.

This piece is accompanied by Muzeion’s Certificate of Authenticity, and Certificate of Expertise by Jean-Yves Nathan – Specialist in Asian Arts for the CEDEA (The European Confederation of Art Experts).

The Ming dynasty was the ruling dynasty of China – then known as the Empire of the Great Ming – for 276 years (1368–1644 AD). Founded by Chu Yuan-chang, the rebel leader that was successful in removing the mongols from the throne. Chinese control was re-asserted in China and eastern Asia. Literature became more important, schools were created, and the justice system was reformed. The Ming dynasty is described by some as “one of the greatest eras of orderly government and social stability in human history,” was the last imperial dynasty in China ruled by ethnic Han Chinese.

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1368-1643 A.D.




4 × 5 × 734 in