Large Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta Dog w/TL


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Gray-green clay dog standing four-square with ears erect and curled tail, wearing a harness, some original red-brown slip remaining, with flecks of remaining white slip.  Head alert and legs squarely set.  The Han Dog was used as a tomb guardian protecting the master’s grave with protective stance and fierce appearance.  

East Asia, China, Han Dynasty, ca. 206 BC 220 CE. A charming, large, hollow, mold-made ceramic dog. He stands on large paws, with sturdy legs defined by clear musculature. He has a tense, athletic body, a curved tail that lays against the haunches, and a powerful neck. His large ears stand up, his snout points straight out in front of him, and his eyes stare straight forward, surrounded by wrinkles and folds. A collar and harness is around his neck and shoulders. He is the picture of watchfulness and companionship, a faithful dog ready to guard his master’s tomb.

One leg has been repaired. Surface cracks around the neck and one shoulder, but otherwise the piece is intact. Extensive soil deposits on surface, with some areas of original pigment visible.

This piece is accompanied by a TL Test, giving proof of its authenticity.
Ex private Tucker collection, New York, USA

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Dimensions 14 × 8.25 × 13.25 in


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