Granite “Dwarpalika” or Temple Guardian


Granite “Dwarpalika” or Temple Guardian

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Small Granite “Dwarpalika” or Temple Guardian in menacing pose with dagger and shield, protecting from evil spirits. Broken into 2 parts and repaired.

Jaya and Vijaya are the two gatekeepers (Dwarpalika) of the abode of Vishnu, known as Vaikuntha (meaning place of eternal bliss).

India has the reputation for being a vibrant, mysterious country and their stone industry is no different. The tradition of Indian sculpture is the oldest in the world, dating back to the Indus Valley civilization in which people made statues and figures of bronze and stone. Ever since then, Indian sculpture has refined and expanded in scope and established itself as one of the finest in the world. Indian craftsmen have always been fascinated by figures from mythology and religion.

All Indian sculpture is religious sculpture. We enter in this gallery, therefore, a spiritual climate that may best be evoked by quoting Stella Kramrisch: “Indian art conduces to fulfilling the aims of life, whose ultimate aim is release.” “Release (moksha) means, for the Indian, inner detachment combined with the realization of and reintegration into the Absolute.” “Images represent the gods whose proportions are based on the idealized figure of man.” “Making a work of art is a ritual. By performing the rites of art, the craftsman transforms himself as well as his materials. He sees the image by direct intuition, and his conscious vision clothes it in the lineaments that not only take the shape of nature, and of man and his work, but also evoke the presence of God.”  — Excerpt from “The Sculpture of Greater India” by Aschwin Lippe (Published by The MET, NYC)

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