Floral Cloisonné Chinese Compote


Floral Cloisonné Chinese Compote

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Scalloped bowl raised on pedestal with domed base, turquoise background decorated with zoomorphic designs, black cloud band in well and stem. Gilt wire work with polychrome enamels and a scale design on the rim. There is often a transcendentalist aspect to Cloisonné’s metaphysical symbolism and its otherworldly beauty, the intoxicating sensual appeal may seem out of step with imperatives of Buddhist humility.  Qing Dynasty (1644-1912 AD)

Dimensions: 13 x 23 cm

Cloisonné is the technique of creating designs on metal vessels with colored-glass paste placed within enclosures made of copper or bronze wires, which have been bent or hammered into the desired pattern. Known as cloisons (French for “partitions”), the enclosures generally are either pasted or soldered onto the metal body. The glass paste, or enamel, is colored with metallic oxide and painted into the contained areas of the design. The vessel is usually fired at a relatively low temperature, about 800°C. Enamels commonly shrink after firing, and the process is repeated several times to fill in the designs. Once this process is complete, the surface of the vessel is rubbed until the edges of the cloisons are visible. They are then gilded, often on the edges, in the interior, and on the base.


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