ASTAUNDISH Demetrius I Soter Tetradrachm Ca. 155-154 BCE


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Demetrius I Soter (162-150 BCE). Silver Tetradrachm. 16.13 g. Antioch Mint, 30.5mm. S.71014-7015
Diademed Head Right. TTB

Tetradrachm Of Seleucid King Demetrius I Soter ( The Savior) Silver Tetradrachm. Antioch. Diademed Head Of Demetrius I Right / Tyche Seated Left On Throne With Winged Tritoness Support, Holding Short Scepter & Cornucopia, Monogram In Outer Left & Right Field.

Classification: TTB

He escaped from captivity in Rome and returned to the Syrian throne by killing his cousin Antiouchus V. Infamous in Jewish history for his victory over the Maccabees, killing Judas Maccabaeus in 160 BC. He acquired his surname Soter, which means savior, from the Babylonians, whom he freed from the tyranny of the Median satrap, Timarchus.