Alexander III the Great (336-323 BCE)


Alexander III the Great (336-323 BCE). Silver Tetradrachm. Right Portrait wearing Medea’s Lion Skin. TTB+

An ancient Greek silver Tetradrachm of Alexander III The Great. A large, tactile silver coin struck in the name of the greatest military genius of antiquity, Alexander the Great.The obverse with a particularly striking portrait of the demigod, Herakles facing right, clad in the skin of the Nemean lion.The reverse with Zeus, enthroned left holding eagle in his outstretched right hand and resting on scepter with his left. The legend reading: ΑΛEΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ “Of Alexander” Monograms in left field and below the Throne. Alexander is reckoned to be one of the greatest military leaders in world history. He established an Empire the likes of which the world had never seen and shaped Western history forever. Coins such as this were first produced in his lifetime and were traded across his vast empire, from Gibraltar to the Punjab. A spectacular example of one of the most important coin types in world history. A superbly tactile coin struck in high relief on a large, thick flan and with a magnificent Hellenistic portrait. lightly toned, almost extremely fine Classification: TTB+

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