Chi Wara Antelope Figure


Ritual Object; Wood Carving, Chi Wara, Bambara Culture. 

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Abstract carving of a reclining antelope with a diminutive body and an openwork square base for hanging during the festival headdress. The long snout finishes in an open mouth, its ears are pulled back and flank the long, graceful horns that extend to the back. Two piece construction with the head attached via three iron staples. Chi Waras by definition are antelope depictions used during rituals. Bambara Culture, Mali. Excellent condition. Old museum number painted in red “58.72”.

Provenance: Collection of Dr. Ruth Lax, NYC.

Dr. Lax had a long career as a psychoanalyst and psychoanalytic educator. She was a member of the NY Freudian Society and worked on issues concerning the development of women for several decades. Author of the book Being and Becoming a Woman – published in 1997 – Dr. Lax was widely known for her interests in social anthropology and mythology. She passed away on January 31, 2010 in her NYC home.

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Dimensions 23.5 × 8 × 4 in