It is a wonder to behold antiquities such as a pre-columbian textiles, an authentic piece of art that has been preserved for centuries and that survives generation after generation. Nazca, Chancay, Chimu, and Huari Textiles and feathers are infinitely more delicate than wood, metal, or rock artifacts, and so the existence of these pieces after hundreds and thousands of years is especially exceptional. The textiles and feathers you will find at Muzeion maintain their vibrant colors, natural threads, and unique, historical designs.


Like the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese, pre-Columbian peoples interred their dead with furnishings for the afterlife.  In coastal Peru’s dry climate, ancient textiles have survived in remarkable numbers, emerging from their long darkness with astonishing freshness of color.  Weaving in Peru goes back to about 2000 B.C. and displays considerable sophistication and technical expertise.


The Muzeion Gallery collection of ancient objects incorporates examples from all of the Pre-Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica and South America dating from 3500 B.C. to the 16th Century. The artists that lived in these ancient cultures expressed their intrinsic relationship with nature and their cosmology in figurative objects and vessels, masks, and a myriad of other ceremonial items. Not only did they work the hardest of stone into amazingly accurate anthropomorphic and zoomorphic sculptures, they developed metallurgy techniques that are, even today, a wonder to behold in their precision and artistic sophistication.


Textile Arts-In the Textile Arts collection, dealers offer an array of fine textiles from a wide range of periods and cultures. View a significant collection of native American textiles including a classic Moki Navajo blanket and a Navajo transitional blanket. Find an Aubergine Hand Woven Silk Lowan alongside an representative Embroidered jacket of the Kauer people. A collection of Pre-Columbian textiles are also on display including an Inca Textile as well as a feathered ponchito of the Nasca People. These come together in an impressive selection of textiles including an antique rug and a Persian carpet.

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