Luis Ramos


Born in Olula del Rio (1956), in the region of Marble Almería (Spain).  In 1982 he began his artistic while graduated in Mathematics from the University of Granada path. Make several samples in Andalusia and Murcia, and gets two national awards in sculpture at the Community of Valencia

In the early 90 receives a grant from the Junta de Andalucía to study in Italy where he researches and completes his training. On his return takes several assignments in the country, out in Barcelona, ​​Belgium, France and New York. A late 90’s works and exhibits in Canada, also develops other projects with Council of Almería and Junta de Andalucía.

In the 2000s begins to visit Mexico, participates in several international symposia, promotes various cultural projects and returns to NY For two years directed the Pedro Gilabert Museum Arboleas (Almeria). Also discussed in Zurich (Switzerland) and enjoys creative stay in Mexico several months a year to temporarily reside.

At the beginning of this past decade returns to Monterrey (Mexico) where he began working with galleries in this city and Dallas (USA). In 2013 he was invited to a symposium in Italy, takes a project of urban sculpture in Arboleas (Almeria), exhibits in Dallas and Monterrey. 2014 preparing a new traveling exhibition between these two American cities.

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