Yoruba House Post.


Yoruba House Post.

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Description: A European functionary, a cane in his right hand, carries a ledger in his left, he wears a visored cap, collar and tie. He is moustached and has a cigar in his jacket pocket. Ayantola was a carver with an unusual sense of humor, a traditional housepost by him was seen in 1949 in the house of Elegbe of Ekan-Ekiti who purveyed motor oil to travelers on the side, the post was beside an oil drum and represented a motorcyclist well assimilated into the local style. See W.B. Fagg, “De L’art des Yoruba, L’art negre, Paris 1951, plate 42 for illustration. Loss to both ears, integral base, book reattached and numerous surface scuffs. Provenance: Private NY collection, acquired from Christie’s, N.Y., Oct. 1978, lot 62.