A Hitler bust, Nazi Objects and Mummified Animals found in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentine Federal Police made several raids where it found different archaeological objects and also references to the regime of Adolph Hitler.

Last week agents of the Argentinian Federal Police carried out raids in two municipalities that are located in the northern part of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires. Punctually, the search took place in the parties of Vicente Lopez and San Isidro, where they found Chinese and Egyptian archaeological objects, protected by the local law.

However, they also discovered different objects with Nazi symbolism in an antiques store and a warehouse. Among them, a bust of the leader of the German National Socialism, Adolf Hitler.

According to the newspaper La Nación, the investigation had begun in October 2016 when agents of the Cultural Crimes Investigation Department carried out an inspection of premises with local relics. There they discovered different artifacts being sold that are protected by the Law 25.743 “Protection of the Archaeological and Paleontological Heritage”.

Additionally, objects listed in the “Red List of Chinese Cultural Objects” issued by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) were also discovered. As well as Paleontological objects such as polished ammonites, amber, mummified animals and pieces of glyptodon shell.

Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said: “We are shocked, it is very impressive to find these original pieces with Nazi symbolism, emblems of a tragic time in history.” Quoted by ARG Noticias, the official added: “They will no longer be circulating or for sale. They will be taken to the Holocaust Museum.”

Original Article by RT News.

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